The really Kool, fun way to link teachers with a little time on their hands and tons of skills to disadvantaged students in developing countries who need some help with their maths, science, chemistry, physics, music, geography, English, general knowledge. Students who maybe are in a hospital, or rehabilitation centre, remote village, or even at home, or unable to go to any normal school. So we love retired teachers, and anyone who cares about kids and youth who have had little opportunity to shine! KoolSkool is run by Volunteers only.

Once you are REGISTERED and are APPROVED as a TEACHER or GUIDE we will send you a LOGIN and PASSWORD so you can then start planning your own KoolSkool. Then you can select kids and youth from several countries to teach, such as Nepal, India, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda.


Register yourself as a teacher or partner
Make the links between teacher, students and their Guide
Plan the subjects and times you want to teach and meet over Skype
The Guide will help students use the net, search, translate into English, evaluate lessons learnt, write report cards.